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Bob Sieber

Am in Florida.  Sorry I cannot help.  Hope all goes well.
All the best,

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OK.  Short time frame.  But our project to get power to the new dome is set to go this Friday.  

This project is an Eagle Scout project run by young Forrest Maxwell, son of Dr. James Maxwell.  He wants to get started at 8 a.m. on Saturday.  Early, I know, but definitely going to be a chore.  Ideally we need about 16 people to come.  

The following equipment is needed and if anyone has this stuff, please bring it.  Especially if someone has a trencher that we can bring.  If not we will go down to Home Depot and see about renting one.

So this is the supply list:

  • A trencher that can dig at least 24 inches underground
  • 500 ft 10-2 gauge underground cable (Home Depot Model # 13056717)
  • A breaker box
  • [2] 20 amp breakers
  • [4] 2 gang electrical box (At Home Depot Model #  R5133382)
  • [2] outside/inside box connectors
  • [4] weatherproof outlet covers
  • [8] outdoor outlets
  • [16] machine screws (for mounting boxes)
  • [4] mounting screws (for mounting the breaker box)
  • [2] 10 ft PVC conduit (Home Depot Model # 67462)
  • [3] PVC elbows(Home Depot Model # UA9AFB-CTN)
  • PVC glue
  • Underground caution tape
  • Extra gas for the trencher
And of course, any tools like shovels and what not to help dig is fine too.  

Any questions, give me a call.

Sterling L. DeRamus

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