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Bob Sieber

Hope you have a great time this Saturday.  Sorry I cannot help out.  My car and astro gear will be packed for a week at the Peachstate Stargaze, which starts this weekend.  

All the best,


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Good morning, everyone!

The weather looks cooperative for the open house this Saturday at Chandler.

We don't know how many will show up but there have been almost 650 people reached on Facebook so far. If only 5% of those show up it will get crowded. 

Before I post another notice I wanted to touch base on volunteers and logistics. We're going to need one or two people to help with parking and watch the cliff! We'll put some guard tape up to help with this. We're also going to need someone in the roll-off that speaks Gemini 2 to operated the C14. Someone that speaks ArgoNavis to operate the 20" Obsession. And someone that speaks Meade to operate the 10" in the dome. I say we eat a few hotdogs too! Once we get a head count we can get a couple of grills and fixings and we'll need a couple of people for that too. We need a few signs put up to guide folks to the site and that should do it.

Bottom line is that we need about 10 club members to step forward and pitch in! Please let me know if you can make it. 

The more member scopes the merrier too!

I'll get with Mitchell and be sure he's in the loop.

Afternoon thunderstorm protocol will be in effect - get everyone in their cars till it blows through.

Again, we don't know how many will show up but we need to be prepared. I don't think the hotdogs will go to waste... :-)

It'd be great if we could make this an annual event!

Please respond to this email and we'll get a head count.


Fred and Mike

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