Re: Chandler Mountain Work Day next Saturday, September 8th!

Bob Sieber

I will be glad to bring…

large trash bags
one circular saw
one hand saw
one hammer and some nails
one saw horse
one carpenters’s square 
one tape measure
one shovel and one spade

Let me know what food I can bring—probably need to organize that a bit so we do not duplicate or come up short.

All the best,


On Sep 6, 2018, at 12:01 PM, Fred Rains <fjrains@...> wrote:

Things have shaped up nicely for a work day this Saturday, September 8th at Chandler! The weather will be on the warm side ( low 90's) but the rain chances are slim and a clear evening for observing is looking good.

Rick has graciously "volunteered" to be the straw boss to build a new ramp to the roll-off observatory. We'll look at the cabinets and see if there is any hope for reattaching them and if not we'll see where we need to go with storage.

Definite interest in hot dogs! Rick has a grill and can bring a cooler with water. Everyone bring a chair, work gloves, and some suntan lotion.

Mark and Jih Ying, if you can bring a couple of packs of hot dogs.

Who will bring buns and condiments for the dogs? Potato chips?

Large Trash Bags

Who will bring a roll or two of Paper towels and paper plates?

Wayne is getting the materials for running power to the POD.

Please let me know if you can bring the following:

couple of circular saws ( we have power at CMO - may have to run them one at a time though...)
hand saw
hammer and nails OR drill and driver - we have a bucket full of deck screws that may be better for the ramp. Straw Boss's decision... :-)
couple of saw horses
carpenter's square
tape measure
caulking gun and caulk to seal the POD base.
two or three shovels and maybe a mattock
wasp spray ( two cans at least)
we should have something there for the ants

What else do we need? Please add/delete/modify the list as needed.

Its not too late for other volunteers!

Let's get there at 11AM and get things situated and then eat some lunch. The sun doesn't go down till 7PM so we'll have plenty of time for projects.

Remind me to take some pictures as we go!

And don't forget your telescopes...

Thanks again everyone!


From: Bob Sieber <bpatlanta@...>
Sent: Wednesday, September 5, 2018 10:42 AM
Subject: Re: [bas-astro] Chandler Mountain Work Day next Saturday, September 8th!

Fred, I will be there.  Just let me know what time and what tools to bring.

On Sep 1, 2018, at 9:50 AM, Fred Rains <fjrains@...> wrote:

Good morning, All.

Let's have a work day next Saturday, September 8th at CMO.

  1. Mike is going to swap out the 10" LX200 in the dome for the 5" Meade ED Refractor. This will give imagers a steady platform.
  2. Wallace is going to see if he can get the LX200 to go where we tell it to. This has the tripod and will be one of the loaners (Mike has donated two Meade 26mm Plossls for the loaners - if anyone else is feeling altruistic please let us know!))
  3. I am going to do some finishing up on the dome automation and be a general gopher for Mike and Wallace
  4. Wayne - would this be a good day for you to work on getting power to the POD? You'll have some helpers.
  5. The bottom of the POD needs to be sealed.
  6. We need a crew to replace the ramp to the roll-off. It finally reached the end of its days. Wood for this is on the porch.
  7. We also need to work on a general clean up of the roll-off. The cabinets also reached the end of their days and fell off the wall.
  8. Also need to top off the dirt in the power trenches. It has settled and could cause a trip.
  9. There were 2,397 wasps at last count that need to be dealt with and the ants could use a good dusting.
  10. Its time to clean out the small storage shed next to the roll-off. This may make a good warming room for the winter.

We've actually had a few clear nights lately! Maybe the weather will be more accommodating this fall.

Might even take a grill and have a few hot dogs and soft drinks (only, please).

If it helps to lure you, I'll bring my tailgate satellite set-up and we'll have a game or two on. :-)

Please let me know if you can make it and we'll plan accordingly.

Looking forward to it!

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