Saturday Night 7/11/20

Fred Rains

Mike and I dusted off the C14 at Chandler last night.  After a "phone a friend" assist from Wallace we had it up and running. With a 31Nagler in place the views were great! Central star in the Cat's Eye, Jupiter, Saturn, Swan, Eagle, Albireo, M57, M51, M81/M82 (although not in the same FOV), the Dumbbell, the Spindle, and the treat of the night was the Western Veil with the help of a UHC filter.

Mike had the Gemini blue-toothed to his tablet and it made navigation MUCH easier.

Wes, his bride and kids, and a couple of the kid's friends showed up and they oohed and ahhh'd at the views through their 10inch dob and also through the C14 ( one at a time with social distancing). Mike let Wes' son use the tablet to drive. 

Transparency was good, seeing average, not a cloud in the sky and a cool breeze kept most of the mosquitoes away.

Also, Mike and I took most of the lumber that was on the porch. This is the lumber we brought back from International Falls as part of the deal to get the SkyShed Pod. There's enough room now to sit on the porch!

The new owner has taken down several trees so it looks a little different. Be careful to be sure you're on the road. :-)

It was a good night. 

Everyone continue to follow the CDC and local virus guidelines and stay healthy!


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