Re: Strange signal coming from Proxima Centauri

Robert Pitt

I have gone to the Green Banks star party a few times (around 4th of July) and they let us play with a small 60 ft dish where we were able to measure the approach velocity of M31 crashing towards us. We were pretty close (I think next Wednesday….). Great fun. The whole area is a spurious energy free zone, with no cell phones, etc. (including microwaves). I was surprised that the Australians allowed microwaves on site! If we aren’t careful, the microwave ovens will take over civilization….


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It isn’t just any site; it’s Scientific American. The article says they eliminated the microwave.  But they haven’t ruled out other terrestrial sources.  They need to see if they can find it again.

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Parkes previously detected anomalous signals several years ago, but they ended up being the break room microwave! Must be true, I read it on the internet…


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Subject: [bas-astro] Strange signal coming from Proxima Centauri


Ok.  This interesting astronomy news:


“Hundreds of candidates, however, routinely pass this phase and are singled out for further investigation. From there, almost all will be dismissed as some mirage or error—perhaps an excess of static, for instance—that fooled the winnowing algorithm, eliminating them from consideration as any sort of transmission from talkative aliens. “Except this one,” Sheikh says.”


The signal is needle sharp right at 982 MHz. But there appears to be no modulation, it’s just a single tone.  For now they think it’s likely some earth based interference, and it requires a lot more research.


I’m skeptical that a red dwarf like that Proxima Centauri could evolve a technological civilization because of its flares.  


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