Re: Strange signal coming from Proxima Centauri

Fred Rains


I love the article. It led me to a great quote:

astronomer and SETI co-founder Jill Tarter eloquently put it in an interview with National Geographic in 2000: “The Drake Equation is a wonderful way to organize our ignorance.”

They also reference a "Pessimism Line" .when discussing how changes in the variables affect the outcome. I think that's a great concept although an "Optimism Line" would have worked just as well. :-)

One of the many assumption variations that was kind of scary was one that an advanced civilization would not last longer than 300 years without killing itself off. This is the one that resulted in a super low likelihood of contact... kind of what we've actually observed. :-)

Thanks for the article!

Let's all have a better year in 2021! 


On Thursday, December 24, 2020, 04:04:58 PM CST, Mark Copper <mlcopper@...> wrote:

Updated Drake equation!
Inclusive of rats on an island!

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