Re: NEW CMO work day date (5/15/2021)

Bob Sieber

I will join you tomorrow on the mountain.  Will bring a gas-powered weed eater, a bag of tools and a shovel and rake plus some trash bags.  Anything else, just let me know.

All the best, 


On May 6, 2021, at 3:08 PM, James Moore via <jasbmoore@...> wrote:

Hello, everyone!

So we've moved the CMO workday date out to 5/15/2021. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the field will have dried out by then. We need to mow, weed, clear out, kill fire ant beds and wasp nests -- the usual stuff. We also need to survey the remaining "huts" and decide which site would make the best candidate for placing our "new" scope and building a proper structure to house it. We can also address anything else that may come up. 

Please feel free to respond to this post to let us know what equipment you plan on bringing up to CMO. That way we have a good idea of what all can be done that day. 

The time of course is flexible. I plan on being there no later than 9:00 that morning. As always, the more warm bodies we have on site, the quicker the work will go!

Thanks! -- James

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