A couple of astropics from the other night

Robert Pitt

Howdy folks:

Here are a couple of pics from Thursday night from my backyard observatory (9.25 f/10 with ASI 2600 MC camera and Radian ultra plus filter). The filter is multi-narrowband (Ha, Hb, O3, S2) but the H overwhelms everything else in these. It is theoretically possible to split the bands into Hubble palette, but that is way behind me…. The bubble was about 60 subs each of 3 minutes (3 hrs total) and M33 about 12 subs each of 3 min (about ½ hr total). I am running the scope now to get 2 to 4 hrs more for the bubble, but pretty happy with this one. Fun to see all the Ha in the M33 bands….




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