Re: A couple of astropics from the other night

Robert Pitt

Hello Don:

You shouldn’t really use traditional narrow band filters with a color camera as it is very inefficient (1/4 of the photosites, just red for Ha for example, used), but it is possible and won’t hurt anything. Just more efficient to use a monochrome camera, if available. The Radian Ultra Triad plus filter I used is a strange (and expensive beast) having four very narrow band passes on one filter. There are other multi narrow band filters available too (usually with wider bands but less costly). These were designed for use with color cameras, so it is possible to separate the bands in processing and re-assign them to Hubble palate (I haven’t figured out that yet!).


Glad you got things worked out at Deerlick!




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Is this a series using a < single > narrow band filter? I'm not that familiar with filter nomenclature, but I assume that the single filter has narrow bands for all the species you listed.

What what would be the effect of using the narrow band filter on a color camera, like ASI294? I don't need to, as I have the ASI1600, also, but curious as someone suggested that to me.

Deerlick was clear this weekend, but so much dew, it was like rain. I got good experience playing with the new equipment and software, but nada for images. Also will be updating my dew heaters and power supply with new Kendrick's.


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