Re: IC1318 in Ha

Myron Wasiuta

Wow!! That is an amazing image Robert - i second the motion that we want to see the color version when you can post it.

Dr. Myron Wasiuta
President- MSRO Science, Inc
Director- Mark Slade Remote Observatory
Wilderness, VA USA

On Sep 26, 2021, at 8:25 PM, Robert Pitt <> wrote:

I spent a few hrs (total of 3.8 after rejected subs; 46 subs at 5 min each)
on the attached over the last couple of nights as I tune up my Hyperion
scope (12.5 in f/8). Used ASI 6200MM with cheapo Octolong Ha 6 nm filter.
Tonight will redo polar alignment (a bit off) and redo the mount calibration
for new optical centering. Then will put the 6200MC camera on with the
Radian Triad Ultra plus filter to get some color for this. Do like the B&W

Robert Pitt, P.E., Ph.D. BCEE, D.WRE
Emeritus Cudworth Professor of Urban Water Systems
Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering
The University of Alabama
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