Re: CMO tomorrow?

Sterling DeRamus

For any first timers we can meet at the Texaco right off the interstate around 6ish. Sunset is at 6:20

On Oct 9, 2021, at 8:13 AM, Fred Rains <fjrains@...> wrote:

Oops. Can’t make this one. Game starts at 7PM…. 🏈 

Going to be a gorgeous evening. I spent several hours over the past couple of nights on the back deck here off Valleydale. It was really nice! Low humidity and not a cloud in the sky. Compared views between my 89mm Mak and my 6” Dob on a few carbon and double stars and several of the Fall deep sky beauties. The Mak held its own. Neither one could eke out NGC 891 in Andromeda - a nice one from a darker spot -  even after midnight when the area high school stadium lights were all out. 

Everyone have a great time!


On Friday, October 8, 2021, 02:22:48 PM CDT, Sterling DeRamus <sterling.deramus@...> wrote:

Normally we’d have a public star party this weekend. But that isn’t possible. So I’m thinking of taking advantage of the weather tomorrow and going up there. The moon will set around 8:30. Shouldn’t be an issue.

Anyone else interested?

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