Re: Last night at CMO.

Robert Pitt

Nice Sterling!

Robert Pitt, P.E., Ph.D. BCEE, D.WRE
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The University of Alabama
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Subject: [bas-astro] Last night at CMO.

I managed to get about 33 minutes of data last night. The clouds kept
getting in the way and I lost quite a bit of data. This is 49 shots at 45
seconds a piece. 10 darks and some bias shots added in. No flats. I need
to start doing flats. Stacked and edited in ImagesPlus and PSEXPRESS.

I stayed up there till around 11:45 all by myself. Clouds were
intermittent. It looked like it was getting worse and then as I was packing
up it cleared again! Sheeesh!

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