Re: Sunday CMO do over

Stephen Jones

The telescope used was an Orion 6 inch f/4 Newtonian using a Baader coma corrector on an iOptron CEM40 mount.  An OAG was used with an ASI 290 camera. The imaging camera is an ASI 1600MM pro using a ZWO filter wheel and ZWO LRGB filters. Everything controlled by an ASIAIR.  The imaging camera was set to gain of 50 and cooled to -20 deg C.  

Exposures for the Helix Nebula were:
L - 30 x 60 sec
RGB - 20 x 120 sec

Exposures for M77 were:
L - 30 x 60 sec
RGB - 10 x 300 sec

Processed in Astro Pixel Processor using dark, flat and bias calibration frames.

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