invitation to view lunar eclipse

Myron Wasiuta

Good Evening,

I would like to invite members of the BAS to log into our Station 3 telescope (image enclosed)  tomorrow morning to view the lunar eclipse. To do so you will need to download Teamviewer and use the computer ID and password included in the image attached to this email. The scope will go online at 2:15 AM EST (1 :15 AM CST) and will stay on the moon throughout the rest of the night. Baring any unforseen technical problems-it should provide nice color images of the moon throughout the eclipse. There will not be any audio-just live images. Once you log in-please do not click on any buttons as it may change the display appearance.

Dr. Myron E. Wasiuta
President, MSRO Science, Inc
Director, Mark Slade Remote Observatory
Wilderness, VA USA