a couple of barely used astro DSLRs for sale

Robert Pitt

Howdy folks:

I am cleaning out a bunch of astro and camera stuff and realized that the following items may be of interest to club members (at excellent prices!)

  1. Canon 60dA (barely used). This is the factory modified Canon crop sensor astro camera. It is going on ebay between 1 to 1.5k but I will sell it for much less. It also has many extra batteries (all took a charge), and misc T mount tele adapters.
  2. Nikon D3X with modified sensor for UV-vis-IR sensitivity (also barely used). This is a full-frame professional camera (and huge and heavy), and was very controversial when it came out as it had a 24.5 mb sensor. It is also going on ebay for between 1 to 1.5k, and I again will sell it for much less to a club member. No tele adapters though, but an extra battery (both took charge).


Let me know if you are interested in either (or both!) and make me an offer.