a day late: conjunction viewed with club obsession

Mark Copper

The club 20" Obsession, Dr Bob's generous donation to BAS: mirrors moderately clean; reasonably collimated with Kendrick's laser; wheel barrow tires pumped up. No power yet but scope moves freely on both axes.

We rolled the scope just outside the warehouse door, complex lights and moon blazing away but conjunction visible over rooftops for an hour after dark about. Had a little difficulty lining up as Telrad not operational and the Antares finder has a fairly narrow FOV which, though challenging, did not hold calibration with tilt. That is, I lined it up with the big scope pointing high overhead at the moon but lost calibration when pointed towards the horizon.

At any rate there is a case of nice eyepieces in the trailer not listed on Dr Bob's original donation list, including a 40mm 2" nagler which we used though it also needs to be cleaned.

I was pleasantly surprised how stable -- and pretty -- the conjunction looked despite it's low altitude and all the stray light. A very nice resource for a club to have.