Deerlick Astronomy Village

Bob Sieber

Many members know the Deerlick Astronomy Village in Georgia as the site of the annual PeachState Stargaze.  I recently purchased a field membership at Deerlick so I could join friends from the Atlanta area for observing and imaging.  An annual membership costs only $35 with an additional charge of $5 a night for camping—quite a bargain.  The observing field has many concrete pads plus ample power outlets.  Wi-fi is also available and there is a covered shelter with picnic tables plus three bathrooms with showers.  The only disadvantage is the drive time of 4-and-a-half to 5 hours, depending on Atlanta traffic.  The village is located in Taliaferro County [pronounced tol-i-fer] with a population of about 1800 and dropping.  This is a good location for anyone who can find a few days to pack up and go.  Given the distance, I have only used the site when the weather forecast justifies the trip.  The nearest sizable town is Washington, GA about a twenty-five minute drive where there are a few restaurants and supermarkets.  If something breaks [may God forbid!] a Home Depot is about 45 minutes away in Greensboro, GA.

The following link provides information on Deerlick in case any members are interested.

All the best and clear skies!


Don Waters

I agree.

I have been a member for many years and visited often when I lived in GA, but have not gone recently. I prefer it to French Camp and it is about the same distance. I hope to visit more after my new equipment arrives.

Don Waters