M31 first light for MSRO 4

Myron Wasiuta


Here is our "first-light" 2-frame mosaic image using the brand new MSRO Station 4 (an ES 80mm f/6 APO and QHY 174 CMOS camera on a iEXOS 100 PMC-Eight mount). Calibration flat fieldĀ  frames were made by using a flat panel light screen inside the station enclosure. Darks were made by using an opaque filter in the filter wheel. Each frame is a stack of 45 60-sec guided subs. Calibration seems to have worked pretty well, especially since there were some very dense and harsh dust specks and a nearly full moon during the imaging session last night.

Dr. Myron E. Wasiuta
President, MSRO Science, Inc
Director, Mark Slade Remote Observatory
Wilderness, VA USA