N Cas 2021 spectra sequence

Myron Wasiuta

Dear MSRO and Friends,

A work in progress, but I wanted to share our results so far. This graphic shows our spectra of Nova Cassiopeia on 14 mornings from March 21 to May 1, 2021. Alex Filothodoros  who lives in Poland acquired the data using our Station 2 telescope, and created the spectra strips using BASS. I imported his image of all the strips into RSpec to create a profile which shows the features detected during that observing period. Profiles created on each day of course show more detail as features are not averaged against others which may have occurred days or weeks later. Nonetheless, I thought it might be instructive to combine the 14 observations in the profile presented at the top. We are also observing N Her 2021 so have been very busy getting data. 

The changes in the spectra of N Cas that are most apparent is the fading of the Helium line ( not labelled) between the H Alpha and H beta lines, and the gradual fading of the He II/ Bowen Blend between the H beta and H gamma peaks. There also is an appearance of some emission features just to the right of the H beta line towards the end of April and in beginning of May.

This graphic is just a preliminary attempt at displaying the changes we have seen in the spectra and other graphics and animations are in the works. I hope to be able to post those efforts soon.

Dr. Myron E. Wasiuta
President, MSRO Science, Inc
Director, Mark Slade Remote Observatory
Wilderness, VA USA