NCas 2021 blushes pink as it fades

Myron Wasiuta

Greetings ,
I was able to get some DSLR images using my Canon Rebel T3 and Tamron 16-300 mm telephoto this morning at about 430am. I tried observing it visually with my Edmund 5- inch f14.3 refractor as well but was fouled by dew and dawn. The nova has a distinctive pink hue in the images probably due to its prominent Halpha emission we are seeing on our spectra. Enclosed are screen shots from my computer as i am camping at LakeAnna and dont have internet access from my computer. One i panned the camera while expising which created the trail. I think it shows the colors better.

Clear skies!
Dr. Myron Wasiuta
President- MSRO Science, Inc
Director- Mark Slade Remote Observatory
Wilderness, VA USA