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Craig Brooks

Our website has been down for quite some time now. We are about to.enter the 4th quarter of 2019, yet the newest star party calendars are still only for 2018. Do we have any plans to continue rebuilding the site? Or has this fallen into the void? 

As individuals, you may or may not care about the website. After all, most internal communications are handled through our list. I would, however, like to remind everyone that the younger generations search through Google and Facebook for everything. Keeping both the main site and our Facebook updated and accessible is key to reaching out to them. It is also our easiest resource to direct people to. 

I have had many people ask me about our website in the last 6 months. Some looking for info. Some that found it asking why we didn't have anything on it. 

Maybe I am wrong, but with as long as it has been down, maybe we should try to prioritize its rebuild a little. The latest info is from 2018 and the main page says it only failed a few weeks back....

Craig Brooks
NAR #99604 L2
President / Outreach
#665 Birmingham Rocket Boys

Birmingham Astronomical Society